Perhaps no weight loss story has ever received such extensive media coverage as Mama June’s transformation.

And why not, after all, her success is worth the extra attention!

Mama June Honey bobo

June Shannon of the famous reality series, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has become quite an inspiration for people with obesity.

She has simply set an example of consistency with her continual efforts to lose weight, followed by her struggles to manage weight.

The reality star’s jaw-dropping transformation simply took the world by storm. Imagine, a journey starting from 460 pounds and going all the way cutting 300 pounds in total.

That’s right, Mama June’s weight loss success is not about the loss of some pounds, but the reduction of whopping 300 pounds- which is indeed, a major achievement for the 38 years old.

But the war against unhealthy weight is yet not over for Mama June, who has shifted her efforts from weight loss to weight management now.

Age: 38 years.
Height: 5’4 inches.
Weight before transformation: 460 pounds.
Weight loss: 300 pounds.
Current size: 4.


There were several factors that simultaneously acted as a motivational boost, the mother of four needed.

Mama june Weight Loss Results

For example, her separation from Sugar Bear, his infidelity and future marriage plans were the major turning points for her.

There are many athletes and celebrities who use Anavar Pills and Clenbuterol steroids for fat loss.

Shannon wanted an all-embracing transformation, so that she can proudly visit her ex’s wedding.

Other than that, she wanted to live healthy, feel beautiful and more importantly, have a companion who can give her the love she desires.


Mama June weight loss journey has its fair share of highs and lows.

Like most of us, she too experienced results, faced plateaus, lost hope at some point and hit back again!

Mama June started at a very good pace. She was following traditional ways until she hit a plateau.

It was the point she chose to go under the knife and hence, went through bariatric surgery.

After recovering, she adhered to the habits she was following earlier, that is, by making healthy food choices and training her body regularly.

Well, to get a better understanding of how Mama June lose weight, let us put light on her diet and workout regime.


Mama june dietMama June Diet was and is well structured. It is designed in compliance with her medical problems and body needs.

The star is well-versed with the significance of portion control and hence, has used it as a weapon against her weight concerns.

On her diet, she revealed that she does not take breakfast as she wakes up late.

While this may not be a healthy option for others, it has sure favored the reality star.

She further revealed that she likes to snack and her preferred choices for the purpose are cheese and grapes.

Shannon also takes lean protein and feeds in low-fat complex carbs through corn.

Even though, she avoids high fat and sugary foods most of the time, yet, surrenders against her temptations sometimes.

In such cases, she allows herself jelly cakes, but in limit- well, after all, portion control is all about limits and moderation.


Mama June workout is administered by Kenya Crooks, the professional instructor who has a major contribution in her weight loss success.

Since Shannon preferred to shed her unhealthy pounds and firm up her body concurrently, Crook designed a fitness program in accordance.

He paid special emphasis on core moves, Russian twists and sit-ups.

Her trainer would either be present during the sessions or would train her via Skype.

The workouts were meant to be followed at least twice a week.


If you are too keen to witness the amazing weight loss journey of Mama June, you can follow Mama June: From not to hot.

The TV series encompassed around her entire transformation and how she moved to a healthy life.

As of today, the woman aims to stay fit for the rest of her life. She has no plans of gaining again, or in fact, cannot afford to gain again.

She is in a happy space and enjoying her new looks trying all the sexy attires she always wanted to.

Roger Clemens may have been acquitted, but he joins the starting rotation of MLB’s greatest juicers.

She is single and very much ready to mingle.


Mama June before and after photos are sure to give you chills!

These are the speaking evidences of the hard work and struggle she went through.

No doubt, weight loss, or perhaps transformation is a better word in Mama June’s case, never comes easy.

It tests you in a hundred ways, but it ultimately breaks you or makes you.

The end results depend upon your consistency and resilience to survive.